Sunday, March 20, 2011


We're just about ready to start moving dirt; I hope to be on the dozer by Saturday. Dad and I started out Saturday morning by installing track pads onto the new chain.

[New chain with track pads suspended from the bucket.]

Once we had installed 15-20 track pads, we laid out the new chains and inched the dozer forward leaving only a link or two exposed.  It took a stone bar, a crow bar and some serious effort to roll the links and track pads over the rear sprocket and idlers but we did it!  We set the pins in the master links and went back to work installing the remaining track pads.

[One bolt at a time.]

A lot of track pads and no power tools.  By the end of the day, we only had 10-15 more pads to install. 

[Almost there.]

Before we packed up and hit the road there was a brake line that needed to be removed.  I'll head up to the mountain during the evenings after work until I've installed the new brake line and remaining pads.  After all of is said and done I can assure you I've got a whole new appreciation for "sweat equity."

[All that's left after +36 hour of hard work.]

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