Friday, August 5, 2011

pick a color

Which colors would you choose?

We never thought picking out an exterior paint scheme for the house would be that hard until we visited Sherwin Williams; wow - colors, colors and more colors!  Steph and I had an idea for what we wanted, but we couldn't get the colors to make sense.

That's when we went to my close friend Anne Moore for some guidance.  She's an interior designer and we knew she could steer us in the right direction.   

After a meeting and a few emails, here are the 17 color combinations Anne put together for us - Which one(s) do you like?

If you're up for giving some input, simply hit the Comments link at the bottom and tell us which combinations you like best.  For closer look, click on a picture if you want to see a full-size version of it.

Thanks a million Anne; let's see what the peanut gallery has to say.

[color concept 1]

[color concept 2]

[color concept 3]

[color concept 4]

[color concept 5]

[color concept 6]

[color concept 7]

[color concept 8]

[color concept 9]

[color concept 10]
[color concept 11]
[color concept 12]
[color concept 13]

[color concept 14]

[color concept 15]

[color concept 16]

[color concept 17]


  1. I like 6 or 17. Don't think the house is big enough for two siding colors, a trim color, and another for window frames.

  2. I think #2 & #6 have a wonderful contrast of color while still maintaining a modern look that is not to dramatic. I also like the color of the garage doors on these because they blend in well so my eye still focuses on the house as a whole. I think the beige trim / accents does not pop as well against the green siding color as the white trim / accents does.

  3. I like 3 the best... then 6! Number 3 with White trim might be nice too!

  4. I like 6, then 17 then 3.

  5. I like 9 and 17.

  6. Thanks for everyone's input, this will certainly help us narrow down the selection.

    Based on your input, you rated the color schemes in the following order:

    2 and 9