Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the coop project. #chickencoop

Why? Ticks. Bugs. Snakes. Stink bugs. Free fresh eggs. Why not?

After our littlest pup Telli; poor little girl, got bit by a copper head this summer we spent countless hours on the net searching for a solution. As a result, we've started preparing for chickens and guineas next spring.

[plans via Google SketchUp courtesy Barn Geek.]
For the most part, I've followed the plans and improvised when needed.  The plans are basic so it takes a little thinking to work out the details.

[phase 1 :. posts and flooring]

[phase 2 :. rafters]

[phase 3 :. metal roofing]

With the roof on and the hen door framed out, next on the list is building out the nesting boxes, siding and then Steph gets a brand new paint brush. Dad might be coming this weekend and with his handy hands he ought to be able to help me knock out a pretty hefty chunk of the work left on this hen home.

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