Monday, November 8, 2010


Each weekend I make a little more progress on the mountain.  Currently, we've got about 3-4 acres of forest thinned for a yard and 1/2 acre completely cleared for the house.

It took a shot of ether to get the loader to fire yesterday morning.  As I let the loader warm up, I worked on the burn pile.  The remainder of the day was spent digging stumps, moving piles of rock, and watching Barley enjoy the views.  Things are really shaping up!  I'll be sure to take some pictures on my next "land" update.

By the way, stumps are really a "thorn in the side" when you're clearing land.  Figure on at least an hour digging up each one!  If you're ever looking to purchase raw land to build on, pay close attention to the amount of stumps that are located within your building site.  Stump removal will adversely affect your lot clearing budget unless you have your own machine.

For the first two hours yesterday, Barley trailed me as I pushed dirt and rock.  Then he fell asleep, woke up an hour later and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on a hill side.  As I'd look around to be certain he was clear of my path, I'd find him either watching me or staring across the valley at the Peaks.

Steph and Telli came up around noon to spend lunch with Barley and I.  I decided to leave Telli at home yesterday; she's not a big fan of the track loader or chainsaw.  As Steph says, "poor little Telli."

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