Monday, November 29, 2010


After discussing our options for building on a basement or a slab, Steph and I met with Adam the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to review the initial plans.  Prior to our meeting Steph and I decided we'd revisit the drawing board and build on a slab with an attached two car garage.  I spend a lot of time working on our vehicles and the absence of a garage would be a huge thorn in our side.

As for changes to the initial floor plan, we opted to locate the master suite and a separate loft area on the second floor.  On the first floor, we're going with two bedrooms, a mud/laundry room that accesses the garage, a full bath, and an open kitchen, living, and dining room.  Ultimately the utilities will be located on the first and/or second floors.

We know that traditional floor plans locate the master floor plan on the first floor, but we opted for a second floor suite for few reasons.  Better views, separation from the rest of the house, and a private bath.

Think about it...  Where do you spend most of your time while at home?  In bed, in the kitchen, and in the living room, right?  How big do the extra rooms really need to be to live comfortably?

One thing has become obvious to me as we've discussed our options.  No matter how much space you have, you'll use it.  If we added more rooms, more closets and space for storage, we'd fill it up.  Why not design and build your house to live a comfortable life and restrict yourself from filling up "extra space?"

Often I wonder what we'll end up with, but I know we don't want to dump a fortune in a huge house.  Living simply is something Steph has preached from the beginning and I'll have to say I'm finally on board.

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