Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We hired Tim Parker with Parker and Anderson Inc. out of Thaxton, VA to put together our well/septic inspection for us.  I reached out to him after I spoke with the Department of Health (DOH).

When I inquired about the application process with the DOH, they told me that we could hire a soil evaluator to perform a site inspection and submit an application for us.  Hiring a soil evaluator ended up costing us an additional $100 but I opted to pay Tim because he was such a pleasure to work with before we bought our property. Tim helped us out before we purchased our property in 2009.  We wanted to perform a perk test to ensure our land would accommodate a conventional septic system and Tim was up there the day after I called him.

If I were to apply for a well/septic permit on my own, it would have cost me $725 plus additional expenses if we hit rock and needed to rent a mini excavator.  By hiring Tim, the application cost us $525 plus $300 for his time and if additional work was required, Tim would have covered it in his $300 charge.

So look at it like this, we paid Tim $300 as opposed to paying the state government $200 - after all, they get enough of my paycheck already.  All said, it was worth it; Tim called me today and told me he's done and the application is in the mail to the DOH - five days after I hired him to do the work.  We should have our well/septic permit soon.

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