Thursday, January 27, 2011


I met up with a site inspector from Bedford Co.'s Department of Natural Resources this afternoon and left the mountain with some good news; we've got the permit to grade.  Even though we've done work without taking measures to prevent erosion thus far, the inspector was happy to see we applied for a land disturbance permit before moving forward.

The inspectors will be back every few weeks to check up on the property once we start moving dirt again.  He asked me to put up 100' of silt fence at the lowest area down slope from the home site.  He said we should either have a contractor install the fence for us or dig a trench, once dad's loader is repaired, and install the fence ourselves.

I think I'll call and get a quote from a contractor next week to see how much it will cost us.  If its too expensive, we'll do it ourselves.  After all we've got a machine that can do the job and saving we're ever we can will help in the long run.

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