Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just one revision.

Sorry for the delay; I've been slammed lately and honestly I was trying to put together a video for the next post but it's just pictures for now.

A busy week on the mountain and busy week elsewhere.  In just one week, we got a new niece [Kiera], I got promoted at work and we've got a roof on the house.

[Sheathing on the garage Monday; shingles by weeks end?]

[Taping the seams and sealing the envelope.]

[His/her closets leading toward the bath.]

And here comes our first, hopefully last revision - as you'll see in the picture below, the carpenters have completed the first run of stairs.  To the right the treads is the kitchen and to left is the pantry.  Things just didn't seem to flow right; we'd have to walk out of the kitchen to get a potato or fetch the bag of chips.  So we thought about it and I called Aaron at Structures.

[Current stair configuration.]

My first concern in the revision was $$$ and my other was delays; how much was this gonna cost us and how much would this set things back?  Nothing, except materials of course and Aaron even said Jim might work on it today.  [In the picture above, the new pantry will be located were the current stairs are.]  Since the stairs were built, all they would have to do is move them; upstairs I'd lose 12" of my "his" closet.  Ha, Steph wasn't giving up an inch ;-)  Aaron had a sketch to us by the end of the day and it was a done deal this morning.  Also, we'll be picking up some built in shelves in the kitchen, as a result of the revision.  I think Steph was pretty excited about that.

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