Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Over the past several weeks since the bamboo install our kitchen has really transformed.

[Kitchen with finished floors.]

Prosource delivered and installed the cabinets within a couple weeks following the flooring install.  The color we chose for the cabinets really pull out the dark tones in our floor.

[Cabinets installed.]

And just two weeks ago, Five Star, a Lowe's installer, delivered and installed our LG HiMacs counter tops.  We got a sweet deal on these and it seems like Lowe's is always running a sale on acrylic tops.

[Counters installed.]

And to wrap things up, appliances arrived last week.  We're happy with the way the kitchen turned out over all.  Originally, we had an island but due to the floor plan and size of the home, a peninsula made for the best use of space.

[Appliances installed.]

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