Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It looks like we've got the ball rolling in the right direction and we're still targeting this Spring for groundbreaking but it'll all come down to how much money we'll need to put down.  In the mean time, I've been researching the permit process.

In Bedford County, Virginia, we need a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) because we'll be clearing, grading, or excavating more than 10,000 sq. ft.  I'm estimating that we'll be disturbing up to 1 acre in order to level the building site and shelter the site from erosion.  Since I'll be acting as the excavating operator, I'll have to be a certified Responsible Land Disturber (RLD).  In order to become a certified RLD I'll have to take an online test.  I've been reading up lately and plan to take the test within the week.  Once I'm certified, I can apply for the LDP.  The application process for the LDP will include a simple erosion and soil conservation plan.  Basically, we need to determine what we will do to control erosion on our building site prior to and following construction.  I anticipate the use of silt fences during grading and seeding grass with loose straw once grading is complete.

Next I'll need to apply for a septic and well permit.  The application process includes a site plan/sketch outlining the proposed location of the drain field, well, utilities, house, garage, and driveway.  It seems pretty straight forward and I've got the application/sketch complete but I'll probably run it by Rob and Adam first to be sure.

I'm hoping to have these applications complete and sent in by the end of the week.

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