Saturday, January 22, 2011


Steph, the pups and myself headed up to the mountain on this cold Saturday morning.  We were planning on staking out the home site, drainfield and clearing/grading boundaries as well as setting up silt fence in preparation of the permits we needed to apply for.  Even though we were able to set the stakes, we quickly discovered that breaking frozen ground for the fencing would take more than a spade.  I think we'll hold off on the fence until the ground has a chance to thaw and the site inspectors tell us where the silt fence needs to go.

I was a little worried as I started walking off the boundaries for clearing and grading.  In order to avoid the extra paper work, we needed to keep clearing and grading to minimum; within 1 acre.  I set the stakes and did the math; 0.92 acres - there's enough dirt here to level out a nice home site.  Once the house is built and we've seeded, we'll work on the rest of the property.

I took the responsible land disturber (RLD) test tonight and passed with flying colors; I'm a certified RLD now!  Although I'm not certain what my score was, I'm pretty sure I "aced" it.  After all, it was open book and the text search feature on our MacBook Pro proved to be the perfect tutor.

I redrew the sketches for the well/septic permit (WSP) and land disturbance permit (LDP) after I took the test.  Everything looks good and I'll send off the permits Monday to the Health Department and county planning office.

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