Friday, July 22, 2011

footers and seeding

Although the footers have already been poured for the garage, Rob and his team have started preparing the footers for the home's foundation.  From what I can tell, only a few inches of gravel has been laid down where the foundation has been excavated.  I bet they'll have the footers poured by this evening.

As you can see, the rig is still on site but the crew is in the final stages of preparing the well head.

[A look at the site and well rig last night.]

I've also noticed that preparations are underway to bury some corrugated pipe on the eastern side of the house to help carry water away from the foundation.  In the picture below, you can get a closer look at what's been done to the foundation; as described above.

[A closure look at the corrugated pipe.]

This weekend I'm gonna try and stabilize the slope on the southwestern side of the house.  Right now its a combination of dirt and more dirt, ha!  I need to do some minor grading first, then I'll spread some top soil.  I'm hoping by Sunday Steph and I can seed and spread straw.  The forecast is calling for upper 90s as well as a chance of rain - the perfect combination for germinating some rye grass or German millet.

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