Saturday, July 30, 2011


It was a damn hot day on the mountain today.  The pups and I were up there by 9:00 this morning to meet dad and Johnny.  This morning was dedicated to some much needed welding on the loader.

[Barley doing what he can to keep out of the heat.]

The cross member that supports the bucket on the loader has seen its fair share of lifting boulders, digging stumps and dropping trees since I started working on the mountain over 8 months ago.

[Dad cleaning up the cracks on the cross member.]

After the paint was cleaned from the cracks, dad and Johnny started cutting out the old welds.

[A two person job cutting out the old welds.]

Once the old welds were cut out, Johnny started working his magic to ensure problems like this never happen again.

[A closer look at what it takes to cut out the old welds.]

I know what you're thinking and my response is "no; I didn't spend all day taking pictures!"  After I got these shots I headed up the hill to start bucking the timber that Aspludh dropped so AEP could install the power lines.  Once I get all of the timber bucked into manageable pieces, we're gonna rent a chipper to break down all of the branches and limbs.  This ought to make for some good mulch when it comes time to landscape.

It was a short day due to the heat - almost 97F.  As I started packing up, I heard what seemed to be a hornet fly right by my head and land on the side of my pickup.

[At least a sounded like a hornet.]

[Just two critters hitch hiking, ha!]

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